Empower. Connect. Transform. 


Awamaki brings together international volunteer designers, local artisan cooperative members and our in-house team to design and produce the Awamaki Lab brand of products. Designers learn about weaving traditions and sustainable production while artisans expand on their craft and gain access to new markets. 

We employ fair trade standards of compensation to the artisans with whom we work. We reinvest our profits into technical and business trainings to help them form and manage sustainable small businesses.

Awamaki Lab Design

Awamaki Lab merges traditional Andean craft and modern design to create luxury wool and alpaca accessories.  Products are made using ancient weaving traditions and give a glimpse into the vibrant colors and unique iconography that characterize Andean style.

Awamaki Lab Sourcing

Wool and alpaca fiber is purchased directly from the artisans, their families, and their communities. All other materials are 100% natural and are sourced locally and ethically in Peru. Woven pieces are naturally dyed by the artisans and alpaca yarns are hand-spun. 


Awamaki is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers rural Andean women with skills training, connects them to global market opportunities and enables them to earn an income that transforms their communities. Learn more about Awamaki.